On top of any challenge

The R+D+i department of Motto has developed various applications in the oil and gas sector, providing solutions for access and elevation during different procedural stage of resources at sea and on land. (...)

  • Construction of off-shore platforms: The Motto working platforms provide the perfect means of access for construction of the largest petrol platforms.
  • Maintenance of off-shore oil platforms: The lifts are designed for their role in explosive environments, and in conditions of extreme corrosion as in the case of the marine atmosphere, permitting their use for inspection and maintenance purposes. They are easy to adapt to existing structures and can also be mounted away from the platform. There is no necessity for a machine room since the lift is primed with all the machinery essential for its movement.

  • Gas and petrol deposit construction: The working platforms, thanks to their versatility can be adapted to circular structures, such as petrol tankers. Gas deposits are of a large diameter and for their construction it is necessary to reach their entire perimeter and the topmost part to complete the construction. To do this as quickly as possible, it is ideal to have easy access to the whole area, permitting as many people as possible to work at the same time, thus finishing construction as quickly as possible.