Elevating profitability

In shipyards Motto can provide unique solutions for different projects around the construction and maintenance of ships.

When the ships are under construction, or indeed when coming to port for maintenance, repair and upgrading services, continual access to the deck is vital for the workforce.

In order to permit this said access, the ships and installations can be fitted with scaffolding along their sides.

A considerable amount of time is devoted to this process and it must also be borne in mind that often it is necessary to take to such areas heavy work tools.(...)

Ship constructors need a better alternative to such unstable and inefficient scaffolding structures, to improve access to the hull at all levels. Scaffolding structures limit the movement of both workers and materials, and of course their assembly and removal means a significant loss of time.

Motto proposes installing 2 special working platforms, of one or two levels, especially designed for marine purposes, permitting access to the hull or ship deck from the ground to any desired level.

Two teams would be able to both work at the same time thanks to this innovative technology.

Maintenance of ships in dry dock requires important scaffolding structures to be able to reach the hull at any level, repair the said hull, clean by sand blasting... The principal drawback of this method is that it is not permitted to fasten them to the hull. Consequently it is a costly and slow process due to constant stopping and starting.

The R+D+i department of Motto has developed a unique mast climbing working platform, with a high level of independence permitting and facilitating maintenance projects. Equipment can be easily carried, (soldering irons, sand blasters), whilst the mobile structure can be easily moved along the length of the hull.

Once again the versatility of the MM50 and its high resistance increases the effectiveness and security of the application.

The result is to considerably improve the mobility of both workers and materials.