Highest security Best performance

A strong capacity to increase the performance and security in a container port has a lot to do with optimizing both time and physical input. In the climate of the constant loading and unloading of containers, cranes are essential.

The Motto lifts have, at their core, the objective of achieving a better level of performance and productivity whilst reducing the physical input of the workforce, thus making their jobs easier and also permitting them to reach the cabin more easily, and furthermore in a safer manner. (...)

In a loading port it is essential to optimize the use of resources to avoid expensive periods of crane inactivity and at the same time easing the tasks of the workers, who otherwise have to use ladders to access to the cabin. The installation of the lifts reduces the time of access, to an extent of 25% in time saved.

The improvement in security is another prime concern. Our lifts guarantee the personal security of anybody who might go to the installations, often in adverse climatic conditions without having to use ladders, usually loaded with necessary repair tools. This permits going up as quickly as possible, with a minimum impact on the loading process.

There are diversity of port crane models, notable for their design, size and general characteristics. Our R+D+i department can adapt these designs to the necessities and characteristics of each individual installation and locality, and in addition we offer competitive and flexible solutions, which can be adapted to any crane design, including offshore materials. This includes different inclinations of distinct cranes and the capacity to stop at different heights, etc.