A perspective from the top

To achieve the best results it is necessary to have the highest perspective from which to have the best view and see the furthest.

In wind turbines where the nacelle is at greatest height the lift makes the job of maintenance access and incidents resolution considerably easier, thus saving time and effort. Motto has designed, manufactured and installed systems of lifts suitable for all types of towers. (...)

Projects for whatever industrial area, no matter how demanding they might be. Our service lifts are prepared for whatever adversity, for example a power cut, in which case it would be necessary to return to the nearest station at a controlled speed for its braking system, or an excess of speed , in which case the service lift would stop automatically thanks to its security system.

Motto believes that preventive maintenance is the best way to resolve any setback. Taking into account the importance of any loss of time, it is critical to resolve any problem as quickly as possible.

An explicit and instructive example of this, is that of off-shore wind turbines. Set in the middle of the sea, where the maintenance access and incidences are expensive, due to their complexity which requires the use of helicopters or boats, often in adverse weather conditions.

In these circumstances it is usual to perform maintenance once a year. This should be planned with the aim of reducing any difficulties at the time of repair.

It is essential to know not only the state of the service lift, but also to have the possibility to turn it on periodically. Motto has a solution based on monitoring. Thanks to this, it is possible to identify whether or not the machine is working properly, obtain information about any breakdown and organize the pieces and materials necessary in order to rectify the problem and maintain the wind turbine in the estimated time.