Cementing future of elevation

The development of an ethic based on hard work, the modernization of production together with the need to respond to specific difficulties of this sector is a significant challenge. Problems of difficult access to the different levels, and diverse installations which make up a cement industry, its hard environment, adverse climatic conditions and limited available space, all pose specific complications. Thus the need to facilitate and optimize the work of the technicians makes any lifting technology is not the most appropriate(...)

To solve these technical as well as environmental problems, the rack and pinion technology offered by Motto is more than adequate in these installations where dust, humidity and heat are all too apparent. The system offers a tried and tested formula which eliminates any traction problems generated by conventional lifts, coupled with a strong and resistant design, which is based on a clear need for simplicity.

These lifts guarantee easy movement and access to and around the working area, reducing the need for ladders and consequently reducing the fatigue and physical input of the workers. Obviously all health and safety regulations demanded by the industry are complied with.

The Motto lift is a good and safe solution for such a demanding field for work. Another benefit is that no machine room is necessary, since each machine primed for its own specific use, and this also negates the necessity for space for a lift shaft.